About Eric Alexander Degroot

This inaugural Blog is about you, me, all of us. It is about life on our planet. Our living planet, our spaceship earth, our home, and the importance of discussing our cultures worldwide and how we individually and collectively live.
Moreover, we need to take a close look at the private and the public sectors.

Corporate Governance on the one side, Candidates, our Elected Officials, and the entire Political system on the other side. Not for any political gain or opinion, though to point out that those significant changes need to be made, to save our species, all flora, and fauna (animals and trees), and continue to enjoy the quality of life on our planet. Yes, we need balance in our Eco-System.

Whereas many issues that you and I face are politicized, and so it seems almost daily used for political gain, the reality of needing clean air to breathe and drinkable water to exist is at the forefront before we can even talk about anything else that you experience or consume. No clean air or water, our lives as we know it, AND our economy will come to a screeching halt. After all, for everything we do, we first and foremost need both.

Whether you believe in Global Warming or not, the fact is that we are Globally Polluting the world 24/7/365 days of the year, individually and collectively.
In order to really affect change, we need to look at all options and listen to all who are alive today. Innovation and entrepreneurship are needed and the Green Economy is paramount for our joint success. We will examine all options and share the possible scenarios and outcomes with you.

I have dedicated myself to addressing all these challenges and issues and look forward to working closely together with you and the many organizations worldwide, to see how we can make a difference that will serve your family, your friends, colleagues, and pets today as well as our grandkids and future generations. 
The time for discussion, innovation, and change is NOW, we can’t delay, indeed it is a time for action;  TODAY FOR TOMORROW. (Tm)